Your Solutions

5 four 2™

Our “5 four 2” ™ product design is the only design in Canada with its unique product features.

We have been able to lower the cost of insurance by 40% to 70% in some cases. This “lower cost of insurance” will ultimately yield a far superior result for our clients. (Ask us how…)

Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI)

COLI is not new to the marketplace, but at Succession Canada we have designed the industry’s best COLI solution. Our clients are able to achieve far superior results than otherwise available in the marketplace with “traditionally design” COLI solutions. (Ask us how…)

Deferred Compensation Solutions

Deferred Compensation Solutions have the potential to provide an outstanding future benefit to employees, management, shareholders, and partners of business organizations. Through our proprietary design, exclusive product offerings, and exclusive industry relationships, our Deferred Compensation Solutions are the leading solutions in the country.

We are able to provide greater future benefits, lower capital commitments from the business entity, and accomplish these outcomes in a far more conservative nature than otherwise available. (Ask us how…)

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is the only vehicle that can guarantee a superior yield when comparing any long-term succession capital asset that has the invaluable mortality component attached to it.

We design our life insurance strategy solutions with that view in mind. Our design philosophy is Long-term superior returns, with a mortality asset to mitigate one of the biggest risks in life.

Understanding the goals is the first step in designing an appropriate solution: all guarantees; cash value or no cash value; increasing coverage; limited capital deployment; defined capital deployment periods; most importantly, maintaining complete flexibility

Fixed Income Solution

If you are 60 years or older, the use of a single premium annuity, together with a guaranteed life insurance product, can offer an equivalent pre-tax, annual income yield of 5% to 7%. Compared to other current marketplace guaranteed income yields (C.D.’s, G.I.C’s, T.Bills, and Government Bonds) that may yield 2% to 3%, our fixed income solution is terrific compliment to your fixed income portfolio.

Asset Capital Class Management

Diversification is a word often (over) used when attempting to mitigate certain risks (i.e. market risk).

Understanding the capital classes of assets that you have, and properly identifying the allocation between:

1. succession capital, and

2. lifestyle capital, is a first step in managing the risks associated with each asset class, and the expectations of each asset class.

Impaired Risk Mitigation

Reduce impaired risk charges on difficult to price policies. In some cases using our proprietary technologies our case designers can enhance the performance of some pricing limitations normally associated with difficult health issues for wealthy clients. By removing restrictions we are able to enhance the performance of out client’s wealth preservation and succession planning. Our clients no longer need to let adverse pricing inhibit their solution universe.

Charitable Gifting

At Succession Canada we work with many philanthropic individuals that support a wide variety of causes in the U.S.A. They recognize that our design ability offers them the luxury of making a very significant gift to one or more charities, at cost that is very minimal. The capital outlay can be significantly reduced through or design models.

Coupling the income tax benefits of making a charitable gift with the income tax benefits associated with a tax exempt life insurance product, charitably minded individuals have a unique ability to make a great gift at a low cost. When we add our design features to the overall strategic plan, the cost of the gift and the capital outlay can be very minimal.